Meet Our Pastor
Interim Pastor Kathy Brown

Pastor Kathy, the youngest of five siblings, grew up in Jefferson, WI, received an undergraduate degree in Psychology from UW-Stevens Point.  She worked for Ladish Malting Co. in Jefferson for 21 years, was married for 20 years, and widowed in 2001.  A year later she began work on her Master of Divinity degree at Wartburg Seminary in Dubuque, IA, graduating in 2006.  She has served as Associate Pastor at Holy Communion Lutheran Church, Racine, WI, as Pastor (solo) at Messiah Lutheran in Twin Lakes, WI, as Interim Pastor at House of Prayer Lutheran in Franklin, WI, as Interim Pastor at Mount Hope, West Allis, and most recently as transition pastor at St. Luke’s in Greendale.   She and her husband Greg met on a mission trip to Haiti in January of 2006 and were married that June.  Greg grew up in Nebraska, went to college and medical school in Nebraska, and did his residency in Milwaukee.  He is a physician of Internal Medicine who worked 18 years in hospital ERs in Racine and Burlington, WI, had his own clinic devoted to the biomedical treatment of autism, and is now the medical director of and serves on staff at Serenity Health Care in Waukesha.  He still attends to his Autism Spectrum patients, but also treats people who suffer from chronic infection, particularly Lyme and its associated diseases.   Pastor Kathy has no biological children but shares her love with Greg’s daughter Holly and son Joel.  Greg and Pastor enjoy family, cooking (and eating), watching movies, travel and playing trivia (the last two when there isn’t a pandemic).  They are excited to come to St. Mary’s. 

Meet Our Team

The ministers of St. Mary's are the members of the congregation. The Staff includes:

Pastor Kathy - Interim Pastor

Pastor Debbie - Associate Minister 

Nurse Sue - Faith Community Nurse

Beth - Administrative Assistant

Sondra - Bookkeeper

Kendra - Youth Director - 

Deb Black- Organist/Piano/Accompanist on Sundays

Laurel Borter- Piano on Saturdays

Dr. Richard Sjoerdsma - Adult Choir Director

Madeline Weirick - Jubilate! Handbell Choir Director

Artem Kotenko- Sound Video Technician