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Third Sunday in Lent Worship Service

Welcome to Sunday morning worship - 3rd Sunday in Lent - 9:00am CST Kenosha, Wisconsin- Welcome!

The Friendly Center Temple Talk by L.Zanin (00:10:25) and a Thank You from Stewardship at (00:14:34). Our wonderful handbell choir, Jubilate!, under the direction of Maddie Wierick performs twice. #1 is "Sail Away" (00:16:38) and "Lamb of God" (00:25:25). Laura M. reads the holy scriptures at (00:30:00) and  Pastor Kathy Brown reads the Holy Gospel according to John and her sermon message (00:34:41). St. Mary's Adult Choir, under the direction of Dr. Richard Sjoerdsma and organ accompanist, Deb Black, sings "Psalm 130" from the choir loft (00:59:20). May God bless all who participated and shared their gifts of time and talent, and for all who watch now. May God bless us all so we may share these gifts along with our treasure.