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The Third Sunday in Lent - Saturday Service

Welcome to Worship - 3rd Sunday in Lent - Saturday evening worship at 5:00pm. This has a special addition of St. Mary's Sunday School children singing for us!  "Jonah, Jonah"  & "This Little Light of Mine" (00:32:44).  We start the service with 2 Temple Talks:  1 from Bob VanBendegom on The Friendly Center (00:11:40) & 2 from Stephanie R. with a Thank You from Stewardship (00:14:49). Laurel Borter plays the piano prelude at (00:16:22). L. Zanin reads the holy scriptures at (00:24:39) with Pastor Kathy Brown reading the gospel (00:30:17) and sermon (00:38:15). May God bless all who participated and shared their time and talent and treasures with us this Saturday! May God bless you all in the coming week and during this lent season.