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Fifth Sunday in Epiphany

Welcome to this Fifth Sunday in the season of Epiphany! This is our Sunday morning worship service that is lovingly served by many volunteers and dedicated staff.  Our morning worship starts with St. Mary's Handbell Choir, Jubilate!, under the direction of Maddie Wierick at (00:6:25). Pastor Kathy Brown, our interim pastor, welcomes all, and Di Michalski is our Assisting Minister this weekend. Dan Neururer, St. Mary's chair of Finance, offers a Temple Talk (00:12:37) about Stewardship=Serve/Service. Jubilate! plays again at (00:24:05). Our hearing of the holy scriptures as read by Dr. Richard Sjoerdsma (00:27:35) is followed by Gospel reading from book of Mark (00:34:06) by Pastor Kathy Brown who preaches a message from the gospel at (00:42:47). A Kids Connection by Stephanie Raszkiewicz is at (00:36:08).  Rounding out the service is the special musical offering by St. Mary's Adult Choir under the direction of Dr. Sjoerdma (01:06:00) "You Are My All in All" is lovely.  May God continue to bless you until we meet again! Sundays at 9am and Saturdays at 5pm.