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Welcome to Sunday Morning Worship  - this is the 4th Sunday in the season of Epiphany! We are glad you are here.  Our service  begins with Announcements including Tremper HS Blood Drive (00:11:03) & SMLC Stewardship Year Long Campaign (00:11:23). Our Holy Scripture reading begins at (00:26:30) by Dick Sjoerdsma. Gospel Reading (00:32:02) and Sermon Message (00:39:45) by Pastor Kathy Brown. Kids Connection by Lara Rader (00:34:00).  St. Mary's Adult Choir sings from the choir loft "Jesus My Breath My Life My Lord" (01:02:00). May God bless all who participated and all who watch now. 

We are thankful for the wonderful audio/video recordings by our staff member, Art Kotenko.