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Saturday Holden Evening Prayer service

Welcome to Worship! This is a Holden Evening Prayer service on Saturday night at 5:00pm.  Deb Black is at the piano, Pastor Kathy Brown is the cantor, Gospel reader (00:30:49), sermon preacher (00:33:20) and holy communion presider; Tim Somers is our Assisting Minister; Bob VanBendegom is the reader of scriptures (00:26:15).  There are 2 verbal announcements/temple talks:  Stephanie Raszkiewicz for Children's Education (00:12:52) and Julie Schmit for Worship, Music, Arts (WMA) and the important upcoming survey on our services (00:17:02). May God bless all who participated this night, who attended worship together, and who are watching this online right now. Thanks be to God.