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Bishop Paul Erickson from Greater Milwaukee Synod
Holden Evening Prayer Service w Communion

Holden Evening Prayer with Laurel Borter at the piano, led by Julie Schmit & Pastor Kathy Brown. Special musicall offering by Temple Talk (00:08:45), Bjorn Hanson."For All My Life" (copyright information  Copyrights  © 2022 Capitol CMG Paragon; City and Vine Music Publishing International; Songs By That Dog Will Hunt; Jaguerra Songs Administrators Capitol CMG Publishing, Essential Music Publishing LLC, Hillsong Music Publishing (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)  at 00:15:15). 

Readings begin at 00:26:35 and the Gospel reading and sermon are at 00:31:40 by Bishop Paul Erickson who preached on Sunday, August 13th at the Town Hall Meeting, from the Gospel of Matthew.  

Laurel plays a selection during communion at 99:46:10. May God bless all who participated and who are watching this worship service now online.